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Companies of the “Latvijas dzelzceļš” Group use cookies on their websites to improve the website user experience and ensure its excellent operations.

Please get acquainted with the principles of the use of cookies.

The manager of the websites of the companies of the “Latvijas dzelzceļš” Group is SJSC “Latvijas dzelzceļš” (hereinafter – we).

SJSC “Latvijas dzelzceļš” is the Manager for the following internet websites of the Concern’s companies:

  1. SJSC “Latvijas dzelzceļš”  Reg.No.: 40003032065, legal address: Emīlijas Benjamiņas Street 3, Riga, LV-1547;
  2. SIA “LDZ CARGO” – Reg.No. 40003788421, legal address: Dzirnavu Street 147 k-1, Riga, LV-1050;
  3. SIA “LDZ Loģistika” – Reg.No. 40003988480, legal address: Dzirnavu Street 147 k-2, Riga, LV-1050;
  4. SIA “LDZ ritošā sastāva serviss” – Reg.No. Nr.40003788351, legal address: Vilhelma Purvīša Street 21, Riga, LV-1050;
  5. SIA “LDZ apsardze” Reg.No. 40003620112, legal address: Zasas Street 5-3, Riga, LV-1057.

Personal data may be processed during the use of cookies. When using our websites, you consent to the way cookies are used as described below (unless your browser has been set up - not to accept cookies).

You should know:

  • if you choose to disable the necessary cookies, our websites might not operate fully;
  • our websites might be combined with websites of third parties, for example,,, etc. If you enable websites of third parties from our website, you should consider the cookies management principles of these parties.


Information about cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the internet browser (for example, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) stores on the user’s device (computer, mobile phone, tablet) when the user visits the website with a purpose to identify the browser or save information or settings in the browser. Thus, cookies help the website to save users’ settings, recognize them, and react accordingly.

The use of cookies can be disabled or restricted, but, in that case, it will not be possible to use all website functions without cookies.

Types of cookies and their aim

Websites use different types of cookies, there may be persistent cookies or session cookies.

Depending on the functions and the aim of use, we use technical or necessary cookies and analytical cookies. Cookies may also be divided into first and third-party cookies.

Necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for you to visit and browse the contents of the website and use the functionality provided. The necessary cookies identify your device, but do not disclose your identity, they do not collect and store information. The website may not perform fully without these cookies, for example, provide the necessary information, ensure the required services, for example, watch a video. These cookies are stored on your device for as long as the cookie has performed its function. The necessary cookies are placed automatically. However, if, using the opportunity provided by the browser, you choose to disable these cookies, behold the website will not be able to operate fully.

Analytical cookies

The analytical cookies collect information about the number of website visitors, the sections they visited, and the total time spent on the website.

The information is used for general analytics to find out what visitors are interested in and how to improve the functionality of the website, making it more convenient for use. The analytical cookies identify only your device but do not disclose your identity.

In separate cases, some analytical cookies on our website, in line with our instructions and only for the purposes set by us, are managed by third parties, for example, Google Analytics cookies developed by Google Inc., which aim to improve the content quality of the website and adapt the contents for the needs of users. More information about the terms of Google Analytics service can be found on the website


List of the cookies in use on the website

Cookie Type Function and purpose Expiration
Mandatory cookies
cookie-agreed Mandatory Records which cookies the user has accepted 100 days
cookie-agreed-version Mandatory Records which cookie version the user has approved 100 days
cookie-agreed-categories Mandatory Registers which categories of cookies the user has approved 100 days
Analytical cookies


Analytical  Used to improve our website by analyzing user behavior. These cookies provide us with information such as the number of visitors to the website, the pages visited by users and the total time spent on our website etc (more information - Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites) _ga – 400 days

_gid –  25 hours

_gat – 1 hour


Revoking consent and restricting use of cookies

You can change cookie settings on your internet browser at any time. For example, you can revoke your consent for storing cookies, ticking a function on your internet browser that allows to reject all cookie proposals. These settings can be found in section Options or Preferences on your internet browser.

Information about use of cookies has been prepared, based on the European Parliament and the Council Regulation 2016.679 (April 27, 2016) on protection of natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation) and the European Parliament and the Council Directive 2002/58/EC (July 12, 2002) on the processing of personal data and protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector (Directive on privacy and electronic communications).