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Video surveillance

A video surveillance system ensures visual control of the indoor premises, external perimeter and large areas, video recording and post-processing of recorded material. Using data transmission technologies and the latest generation video surveillance cameras, all objects that we have equipped with a video surveillance system can be monitored in real time from the LDZ Apsardze Ltd. video control room and the situation at these objects can immediately be assessed.

The use of a video surveillance system brings many advantages:

  • the possibility of reducing the cost of the security service by replacing physical security;
  • the possibility for the owner to connect to the system and monitor the object;
  • focusing attention on high-risk zones only in large sites;
  • during the offence, the offender may not even realise that an emergency response team is already on their way to the object;
  • the possibility to identify the offender from video recording;
  • prevention of breaches by staff;
  • controlling traffic flow;
  • providing an access pass system;
  • remote object control.