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Technical security

With modern technology development, it is impossible to imagine security services without the use of technical equipment, which nowadays is much more accessible and easier to use. One of our priorities is to ensure innovative security products to our clients. The company closely keeps up to date with the latest trends in security technology to offer the newest security service products to the clients. We have established a modern control centre which helps us provide the most demanded technical security services, while reducing the cost for the client. We provide a wide range of technical security services in virtually the entire territory of Latvia.

We have acquired the loyalty of our clients by offering technical security solutions:

  • at industrial facilities of national importance;
  • at rail yards and railway zones;
  • at state and local government facilities;
  • at manufacturing enterprises;
  • at office buildings, industrial parks;
  • at warehouses;
  • at retail and catering enterprises;
  • at residential buildings/private homes;
  • at apartments and private homes.

Let us take care of your safety and that of your property.